Workshop reports and tumour site reviews

Workshop reports

CTRad organises workshops and meetings. You can find reports of these events on this page.


CTRad Radiotherapy DDRi Combinations Workshop, Nov 2019 (PDF)

Richard Adams, Nicola Curtin and members of CTRad’s WS1 and WS2 organised this meeting to share their experience and perspectives on issues surrounding combining DDR inhibitors (DDRi) with RT. It brought together around 80 people: scientists from academia and industry, statisticians, clinicians, consumer members and funding bodies.


CTRad Challenges and Opportunities in Data Analysis in Clinical Trials in Radiotherapy, May 2017 (PDF)
David Cutter, Maria Hawkins and Phil Evans organised this meeting to discuss principles and methodologies for realising the potential of routinely collected radiotherapy data in the UK, and to identify specific studies that could utilise radiotherapy data to answer research questions and achieve patient benefit. It was attended by 60 individuals from a variety of radiotherapy centres and disciplines.


CTRad UK strategy for internal mammary chain (IMC) radiotherapy research meeting, December 2016 (PDF)
Charlotte Coles organised and co-chaired this meeting with John Yarnold to discuss a UK strategy for IMC radiotherapy research, attended by a multidisciplinary group of 30 delegates.

CTRad PLATO translational research strategy meeting, September 2016
David Sebag-Montefiore and Duncan Gilbert organised this meeting to develop a translational research strategy within the PLATO (Personalising Radiotherapy in Anal Cancer) study and develop wider collaboration across the HPV-related malignancies.


CTRad consumer members annual report 2014-2015, June 2015 (PDF)
A report outlining the activities of the CTRad consumer members over the period April 2014 – March 2015.

Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) Research Town Meeting, April 2015 (PDF)
A meeting was held at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust on 15 April 2015 to discuss the Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) Treating Centre’s research plans and the important on-going PBT projects at supporting UK research centres. This workshop in Manchester was organised and chaired by Karen Kirkby.

CTRad idea scoping workshop, February 2015 (PDF)
CTRad organised an idea formulation workshop in preparation for the CRUK Grand Challenge funding call. The workshop invited members and other experts in the radiotherapy community to discuss what themes and topics might be regarded as ‘grand challenges’ within the radiotherapy field and each of the delegates’ own arena, and how would collaboration add value to a radiotherapy grand challenge idea; there was also discussion about barriers and possible solutions. This workshop in London was organised and chaired by Neil Burnet.


Proton beam therapy (PBT) clinical research discussion meeting, June 2014 (PDF)
This meeting brought together key stakeholders within the PBT research community, to begin a process of discussion on how to shape and deliver a coordinated national agenda around PBT research; this is the executive summary of the discussion. This meeting, organised and co-chaired by Neil Burnet and Adrian Crellin, took place at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in June 2014.


CTRad workshop on outcome data collection for proton beam therapy, July 2013 (PDF)
The first CTRad proton beam therapy (PBT) research meeting in 2012 identified a clear need for clinical outcome data to be collected for every patient treated with PBT. This workshop discussed what data should be collected, how they should be collected at a national level, and what systems already exist. The workshop, organised by Gillian Whitfield and Susan Davidson, took place at the Christie Education Centre, Manchester, in July 2013.

CTRad clinical trials workshop, February 2013 (PDF)
CTRad organised an educational workshop to discuss the components of a good radiotherapy clinical trial, addressing the issues around designing and setting up of the trial. This is a very brief summary report of the workshop, together with the agenda of the day. The workshop, organised by Emma Hall and Chris Nutting, took place at the Institute of Cancer Research in February 2013.


CTRad proton beam therapy research meeting, September 2012 (PDF)
CTRad is helping to develop and support the UK proton therapy research agenda. This is a very brief summary report of the actions agreed at the workshop, together with the agenda of the day and a delegate list. The workshop, organised by Neil Burnet, took place at the Royal College of Radiologists in September 2012.

Management of locally advanced pancreatic cancer (LAPC) workshop, July 2012 (PDF)
An educational workshop bringing together upper GI oncologists and experts to discuss various aspects of radiation treatment for LAPC, a rare disease site, in light of ongoing and proposed trials, to gauge interest for a future neo-adjuvant trial. The workshop took place at the Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology, Oxford, in July 2012.

Biomarker workshop, April 2012 (PDF)
A workshop reporting on current and future biomarkers for inclusion in radiotherapy trials and so promote biomarker-based research. The programme consisted of short talks covering topics in exposure and repair, normal tissue toxicity, hypoxia, cell death and proliferation, trial design and support and funding. The workshop took place at the University of Leicester in April 2012.


MRC methodology workshop, May 2010 (PDF)
The need to consider how to evaluate new radiotherapy technology motivated this workshop on approaches to the evaluation of rapidly evolving radiotherapy technologies. The workshop was delivered by CTRad and supported by the Medical Research Council (MRC) in May 2010.

Tumour site reviews of drug-radiotherapy combinations

Combinations of drugs with radiotherapy have become the standard of care for most cancer sites. Preclinical evidence suggests novel drugs may be able to significantly improve the therapeutic index of radiotherapy. When combined with the technical advances in radiotherapy, this provides a great opportunity to improve cure rates in localised cancers in which surgical outcomes are not sufficient.

In 2010–2011, CTRad produced a suite of tumour site reviews, highlighting the opportunity for specific agents to be combined with radiotherapy in preclinical or clinical studies. It is hoped that these will stimulate ideas as to how novel pipeline products might be strategically incorporated into drug–radiation research in the preclinical or clinical settings.

► Breast cancer, 2011 (PDF)
► Glioma, 2011 (PDF)
► Head and neck cancer, 2011 (PDF)
► Pancreatic cancer, 2011 (PDF)
► Prostate cancer, 2011 (PDF)
► Soft tissue sarcoma, 2011 (PDF)

Some of the tumour site reviews are not available for download (anal, bladder, brain, cervical, liver, lung, oesophageal and rectal cancers); however, we have these in printed form, please email us if you would like a hardcopy.

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