Radiotherapy trials quality assurance (RTTQA) support

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The Radiotherapy Trials Quality Assurance Team (RTTQA) has funding allocated to design and implement quality assurance programmes for all NIHR CRN Clinical Research Portfolio trials that include a radiotherapy component.

The RTTQA team was setup to ensure that patients in all NCRI radiotherapy trials adhere to a trial protocol, and are treated according to nationally accepted standards. This is an integral part of radiotherapy clinical trials and serves to minimise variations ensuring clinical trial outcomes reflect differences in randomisation schedules rather than departures from the trial protocol. The team is closely linked with CTRad’s Workstream 4 which leads on technical aspects of radiotherapy development.

If you intend to set up a trial including a radiotherapy component, please get in touch with the RTTQA team as early as possible so that the necessary advice can be provided to help you get it up and running.

► RTTQA – our role and when to engage – presentation by Elizabeth Miles, December 2018 (PDF)

► RTTQA website (external webpage)

Elizabeth Miles from the RTTQA Group introduces the group:

Why is QA in radiotherapy clinical trials so important?