CTRad proposals guidance meetings

CTRad organises proposal guidance meetings up to twice a year, where investigators who have ideas for radiotherapy research are invited to present their proposals for open discussion and feedback from a panel of CTRad experts. The intention of providing this pre-submission peer input is to facilitate successful funding and add value to the proposals, for example by suggesting translational components. Investigators are asked to submit a proforma to CTRad ahead of the meeting, and then will be invited to present to an expert panel and audience of CTRad members. There are usually three or four presentation groups running in parallel, with workstream co-chairs and members spread across groups to ensure a breadth of input.

There are currently no planned Proposals Guidance Meetings coming up. For proposal development support you can access the RADCAS service – please get in touch to discuss.

» How to write a good lay summary (PDF document)

If you have any other queries please contact us on CTRad@ncri.org.uk.