Patient and public involvement

Patient and public involvement form a significant part of obtaining ethics approval. CTRad consumer members are always willing to share their unique experience and expertise, so talk to them when you are beginning to design a trial. You can get in touch with CTRad’s consumer members via the NCRI CTRad team, or you will be able to meet them at various CTRad workshops and meetings, including proposal guidance meetings.

► About consumer involvement in NCRI (NCRI webpage)

► Email the NCRI CTRad team to be put in touch with consumer members

Patient and public involvement in trial design

Do you know how and when to involve patients and carers during trial design stage?
Do you have problems getting your trial through ethics?

The CTRad consumers produced a guide suggesting opportunities for lay involvement for both patients and researchers to consider when designing a trial. This can be downloaded below.

► Opportunities for patient and public involvement in trial design, 2013 (PDF)

CTRad consumer members’ advice on writing a good lay summary

The lay summary, or lay abstract, is an integral part of funding applications.

CTRad consumer members looked at a selection of lay summaries from previous CTRad proposals guidance meetings and discussed what is desirable in a lay summary; they then put together a document describing how to write a good lay summary, which can be downloaded below.

► How to write a good lay summary, 2013 (PDF)