CTRad Biomarker support network

About the network

Translational research potentially allows for better outcomes by enabling better patient selection and/or better prediction of outcome, and also by enhancing the scientific-base of the trial. One of CTRad’s objectives is to stimulate and promote the inclusion of high quality translational research through the wide range of expertise available in CTRad’s membership. CTRad Workstream 1 has developed a network for biomarker and translational research advice, to help both scientists and clinicians develop strong biomarker-based translational components of radiotherapy trials.

The CTRad Biomarker Support Network is made up of radiotherapy biomarker experts, drawn from the CTRad membership. They provide a point of contact for enquiries and can give advice about particular markers, techniques or methodologies, or about other topics such as translational trial design or data processing.

Accessing the network

For enquiries and advice, please contact the NCRI CTRad Team below.

► Email the CTRad Team

Other relevant support from NCRI and CTRad

CTRad’s RADCAS service provides specialist advice on the whole radiotherapy trial development process.

► CTRad’s RADCAS service (NCRI webpage)

If you require more guidance and critique of pathology requirements in your trial, you can get in touch with NCRI’s Clinical Trial Pathology Advisory Group (CT-PAG) which includes pathologists, scientists and bio-informaticians; this group is also aligned with the biomarker roadmap.

► The Clinical Trial Pathology Advisory Group (CT-PAG) (NCRI webpage)