Research support

A core part of CTRad’s work is to support the development of radiotherapy research proposals.

There are two main ways that CTRad can do to help:

4_0_RADCAS_ThumbnailTrial development service (RADCAS)

RADCAS is a year-round advisory service for trial proposals



Proposals guidance meetings

Submit ideas and gain face-to-face feedback



Other ways CTRad supports research are:


Radiation-drug combinations (RaDCom)

A collaborative network working in partnership with industry and funders to progress preclinical radiotherapy-drug combinations.


CTRad Biomarker Support Network

A network to help researchers develop strong biomarker-based translational components for radiotherapy studies.


Thumbnail image courtesy of Charlotte Coles

Quality Assurance support

The NCRI RTTQA team provides advice to help setup trials that include radiotherapy components.


4_0_PPI_ThumbnailPatient and public involvement

Patient, carers and others affected by cancer are key contributors to our work.