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CTRad bulletin, February 2020

CTRad 10-year celebration at the 2019 NCRI Conference; PBT Clinical Trials Development Workshop, November 2019; RT-DDR Inhibitor Combinations Workshop, November 2019; CTRad Proposals Guidance and Annual meeting, December 2019; Relevant publications in Clinical Oncology; Forthcoming activities


CTRad bulletin, August 2019

CTRad is 10! Top-10 achievements revealed; Leadership transition and rotations; CTRad PBT clinical trials development workshop, February 2019; CTRad Proposals meeting and Anniversary Symposium, June 2019; Thank you to our Funders

CTRad bulletin, January 2019

CTRad Proposals and annual meeting, Nov 2018; CTRad ART-NET PBT;clinical trials progress update meeting, Nov 2018; CTRad ART-NET MR-Linac workshop, Oct 2018; Revamping CTRad’s Biomarker Support Network for translational research; CTRad will be 10 in July this year


CTRad bulletin, August 2018
CTRad Proposals and relaunch meeting, July 2018; CTRad ART-NET PBT clinical trials workshop and meeting, May 2018; CTRad and BNMS Clinical Trials in Molecular Radiotherapy meeting, June 2018; New radiotherapy research funding scheme; Submit your radiotherapy study ideas for the November Proposals meeting; Welcome to our new consumer members

CTRad bulletin, April 2018
CTRad moving into new phase of funding and welcoming new members; UK representation at the FDA-AACR-ASTRO ‘Clinical Development of Drug-radiotherapy Combinations’ workshop in Bethesda, USA, Feb 2018; MRC radiotherapy & radiobiology funding educational workshop, Feb 2018


CTRad bulletin, December 2017
CTRad’s new membership structure – April 2018; ‘ARTNET IMRT vs IMPT in Head and Neck cancer’ workshop, Dec 2017; Spotlight on CTRad at the NCRI Conference, Nov 2017; CTRad Proposals Guidance Meeting, Nov 2017

CTRad bulletin, June 2017
CTRad’s Mission Statement and Strategic Vision 2018-2021; Challenges and Opportunities in Large Scale Radiotherapy Data Collection and Analysis meeting, May 2017; Glioblastoma DNA damage response inhibitors workshop, March 2017; CTRad Proposals Guidance Meeting, June 2017

CTRad bulletin, February 2017
Centres of Excellence in Academic Radiation Oncology Think Tank meeting, February 2017; CTRad UK strategy for internal mammary chain radiotherapy research meeting, December 2016; Calling for radiotherapy proposal ideas for the June 2017 proposals guidance meeting


CTRad bulletin, October 2016
NCRI Summer meeting – CTRad presentation, June; UK NSCLC Radiotherapy-Drug Combinations Consortium; Preclinical Radiotherapy Capability Mapping intern; Clinical Trials workshop, October; Developing your research proposals; Tweet about your research #NCRI_CTRad and @NCRI_partners

CTRad bulletin, June 2016
Leadership transition; Promoting Molecular Radiotherapy research in the UK; Consensus of clinical development of new drug-radiotherapy combinations ; CTRad Proposals Guidance meeting, June 2016; Involving consumers in your research; Clinical Trials Workshop, 31st October 2016; CTRad member news; The 1th NCRI Cancer Conference, Liverpool, 6-9 November 2016

CTRad bulletin, March 2016
Co-chair and consumer appointments; CTRad/ECMC Combinations Alliance Radiotherapy-Immunotherapy Workshop, March 2016; Radiographers Think Tank Meeting, March 2016; Non-small cell lung cancer radiotherapy-drug combinations meeting, February 2016; The 12th NCRI Cancer Conference, 6-9 November 2016; CPD Points.


CTRad bulletin, December 2015
Co-chair and consumer member recruitment; Clinical Trials workshop, October 2015; CTRad proposals guidance meeting, November 2015; CTRad features in NCRI Director’s ‘top 10’ highlights of 2015

CTRad bulletin, September 2015
Opportunities to change clinical practice by combining new drugs with radiotherapy workshop, September 2015; Consumer members’ proton beam therapy education day, August 2015; STFC Global Challenge Network+ in Advanced Radiotherapy; NCRI Cancer Conference, Liverpool, 1-4 November 2015; CTRad members’ news

CTRad bulletin, June 2015
CTRad leadership and membership appointments; Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) Research town meeting, April 2015; CTRad Proposals Guidance and all-workstreams meeting, June 2015; NCRI Cancer Conference 2015

CTRad bulletin, March 2015
CTRad-RCR Sandpit workshop, March 2015; CTRad CRUK Grand Challenge idea scoping workshop, February 2015; Molecular radiotherapy and proton beam therapy research making progress; Calling for radiotherapy proposal ideas for the June 2015 proposals guidance meeting


CTRad bulletin, December 2014
CTRad funding extended and membership rotation; CTRad: achievements and vision report; Radiographers’ think tank meeting, November 2014; Clinical Trials workshop, October 2014; CTRad proposals guidance meeting, November 2014

CTRad bulletin, September 2014
Radiotherapy physics grants workshop; Route to registration in radiotherapy workshop; Preclinical quality assurance workshop; Involving consumers in your research; The 10th NCRI Cancer Conference, Liverpool 2-5 November 2014

CTRad bulletin, June 2014
CTRad website refreshed!; CTRad Proposals Guidance meeting and workstreams meeting; Proton beam therapy research agenda meeting; CTRad welcomes new consumer member; Clinical trials workshop, 14 October 2014; 10th NCRI Cancer Conference, 2-5 November 2014

CTRad bulletin, February 2014
CTRad SABR workshop, February 2014; Radiotherapy trial update; Receive expert input at the May 2014 proposals guidance meeting; Radiotherapy physics grants application workshop, 3 July 2014; The 10th NCRI Cancer Conference, Liverpool, 2–5 November 2014


CTRad bulletin, November 2013
CTRad proposals guidance meeting November 2013; Radiographers’ think tank meeting September 2013; Radiotherapy-Drug Combinations Consortium project manager appointed

CTRad bulletin, August 2013
CTRad proposals guidance meeting June 2013; Imaging in radiotherapy workshop, Oxford, June 2013 Outcome data collection for proton beam radiotherapy workshop, Manchester, July 2013; Patient and public involvement in trial development; Welcome to our new consumer members; NCRI Cancer Conference, Liverpool, 3–6 November 2013

CTRad bulletin, May 2013
Academic radiation oncology think tank 2013; Opportunities for patient and public involvement (PPI) in trial design; Leadership transition; Radiotherapy-Drug Combinations Consortium; Research Radiographers development; Imaging in Radiotherapy workshop, Friday 28 June 2013; Outcome Data Collection for Proton Beam Therapy Workshop, Monday 8 July 2013; NCRI Cancer Conference, Liverpool, 3–6 November 2013

CTRad bulletin, February 2013
Clinical trials workshop, London, February 2013; New CTRad Deputy appointed; Radiobiology consortium; Submit your proposal ideas now for the June 2013 proposals guidance meeting; NCRI Cancer Conference, Liverpool, 3–6 November 2013


CTRad bulletin, November 2012
Proton therapy research meeting, London, September 2012; CTRad proposals guidance meeting Nov 2012; Developing the academic environment for multidisciplinary RT research; CTRad members’ news; Change of leadership; CPD points; Clinical Trials Workshop, 25 Feb 2013

CTRad bulletin, August 2012
Redesigned CTRad website is online; CTRad all-workstream proposal guidance meeting June 2012; Membership rotation; Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in trial development; Connecting with the RCR at the NCRI Cancer Conference, Liverpool, 4-7 November 2012; CTRad members’ news

CTRad bulletin, May 2012
Clinical trials workshop, Leeds, February 2012; Biomarker meeting, Leicester, April 2012; Tumour microenvironment and signal transduction workshop, Oxford, May 2012; CTRad meeting with radiotherapy equipment manufacturers; Co-chair recruitment and membership rotation; Proton therapy announcement; CTRad members’ news; Forthcoming meetings

CTRad bulletin, February 2012
CTRad All-Workstreams proposal guidance meeting, Liverpool, November 2011; Pre-clinical quality assurance; Radiotherapy Clinical Trials Advisory Service (RADCAS); Co-chair recruitment and membership rotation; NCRI Radiotherapy Trials Quality Assurance (RTTQA) group; CTRad members’ news; National Collaboration Workshops


CTRad bulletin, October 2011
Welcome to our new consumer members; UK Radiation Oncology Conference and Academic Meeting, April 2011; Meeting with Manufacturers, May 2011; Association for Radiation Research meeting, June – July 2011; Radiotherapy Physics think tank meeting, July 2011; National Collaboration Workshops

CTRad bulletin, March 2011
CTRad All‐Workstreams meeting, 10 Nov 2010; 22nd International LH Gray Conference: Realising the potential of drug‐radiation interactions for cancer treatment, 2–4 Feb 2011, Manchester; National Collaboration Workshops; National Radiotherapy Awareness Initiative; Academic radiation oncology think tank