Blogs, case studies and podcasts

CTRad-related blogs, case studies and podcasts which are all hosted on the NCRI or CTRad website.


» CTRad COVIDRT webinar 4 May 2020 podcast (2020)


» The number one achievement over ten years of NCRI’s CTRad (2019)

» Driving collaboration in radiotherapy research through the STFC Global Challenge Network+ (2019)

» The journey of TORPEdO – the UK’s first proton beam therapy clinical trial (2019)

» Celebrating ten years of NCRI’s Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Group (2019)

» Prof Mererid Evans appointed NCRI CTRad Deputy Chair (2019)

» Developing the UK research strategy for Proton Beam Therapy (2019)

» UK contribution to global radiotherapy research shines out in recent review of practice changing trials in radiotherapy (2018)

» CTRad: moving boldly into the next phase 2018-2021 (2018)

Case studies and 60-second interviews

» 60-second interview with Prof David Sebag-Montefiore, new chair of NCRI’s CTRad (2019)

» Investigating kinder treatments in head and neck cancer: The PATHOS study (2019)

» Benchmarking radiotherapy research excellence (2019)

» Developing a consensus for the future of radiotherapy-drug research (2018)

» Developing better cancer trials for non-small cell lung cancers (2018)

» 60-second interview with Prof Anthony Chalmers, Chair of NCRI’s CTRad (2016)