Structure, leadership and members

CTRad is made up of an Executive Group, four workstreams and general members, each bringing together experts from the different disciplines involved in radiation-related research.

Executive Group

The Executive Group oversees the individual workstreams and leads on cross-cutting activities such as training and workforce development. They meet up to nine times a year by tele/videoconference and up to twice a year face-to-face where possible.

» CTRad Executive Group members, 2020 (PDF)


The four workstreams focus on different aspects of radiotherapy research; they meet all together at least once a year, and individually two to four times per year, often by tele/videoconference. CTRad also has general members who are individuals working within or connected with the UK radiotherapy community.

CTRad Workstream members are selected through a competitive process, based on their research expertise, enthusiasm for innovation and commitment to see improvements in radiotherapy feeding through to better treatments for patients.

Around half of CTRad Workstream members are clinical oncologists, and the group also has strong representation from medical physicists, scientists, radiographers, statisticians and consumer members.

CTRad General membership is open to all individuals working within or connected with the UK radiotherapy community. Applications comprising a curriculum vitae (maximum 6 pages) and cover letter detailing motivation and expertise should be sent to Carolyn Chan via this link; the applications will be reviewed by CTRad’s Executive Group members and the NCRI Executive every quarter; no interviews will be held.

CTRad Exec and Group Group structure

All of CTRad’s members are committed to developing inclusive, collaborative and UK-wide approaches to radiotherapy and associated radiobiology research. Please see below a list of current CTRad Workstream members and description regarding CTRad’s membership.

» CTRad current Workstream members, 2020 (PDF)
» CTRad Workstream and General members role profile, 2018 (PDF)
» CTRad Workstream Co-chairs role profile, 2018 (PDF)