Strategic vision

CTRad’s mission statement

To maximise quantity and quality of life for patients receiving radiotherapy by optimising tumour control and minimising toxicity.

Strategic vision 2018-2021

CTRad Strategic Vision 2018-2021

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Achievements and vision report 2014

In 2014 the CTRad Executive Group put together a review of the activities of CTRad since it was established, both as part of its reporting to funders and for others involved in cancer research to learn more about how the group works and what they have achieved so far. The report shows the breadth of CTRad’s work – from clinical trials to preclinical studies to physics – and the strides it has made in supporting researchers and centres to develop their radiotherapy research expertise. It documents how the group’s structure has evolved to cater for this broad agenda, and CTRad’s vision for 2015-2018 and beyond.

» CTRad: national leadership in radiotherapy research – Achievements and vision, 2014 (PDF)