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CTRad recruiting for Workstreams 1 and 4 Co-chairs

CTRad is currently taking applications for Co-chairs for Workstream 1 and Workstream 4. Below are links to the recruitment advertisement regarding the specific roles, as well as the role profile description.
Applications should comprise a curriculum vitae (maximum 6 pages) and cover letter, as described in the advertisement, and be submitted by 4pm on Monday 30 July 2018.

» CTRad Workstream 1 and Workstream 4 Co-chair recruitment advert (PDF) » CTRad Workstream Co-chairs role profile (PDF) » CTRad Leadership and current list of members (NCRI webpage)

NCRI case study: find out how CTRad is changing practice through a portfolio of innovative and collaborative clinical trials

NCRI's case study describes what CTRad is doing in non-small cell lung cancer to change practice through a portfolio of innovative and collaborative clinical trials
» Developing better cancer trials for non-small cell lung cancers (NCRI webpage)

NCRI blog post: latest CTRad progress

NCRI's blog post looks at some of the progress that CTRad has made and its strategy for impact in the future.
» CTRad: moving boldly into the next phase 2018-2021 (NCRI webpage)

CTRad’s new strategic vision 2018-2021

In light of progress made in the past three years, CTRad’s Executive Group put together a mission statement to guide the group’s direction of travel, and devised a five-point strategic vision that builds on success to date and addresses on-going challenges. You can download the two-page brief below:

» Download the CTRad strategic vision 2018-2021 two-page brief here (PDF)

NCRI launches new five year strategy and re-designed website

The NCRI partnership launches new five-year strategy to accelerate progress in cancer research and CTRad is identified as its flagship initiative. Read about this and the PATHOS case study in the new strategy available below.

» Download the new NCRI Strategy here (PDF)

» Read the Press Release here (PDF)

» Visit the re-designed NCRI website (NCRI webpage)

Landmark paper published by CTRad Working Group

A CTRad Working Group has published a landmark paper in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology setting out consensus recommendations to increase the number of novel drugs being successfully used in combination with radiotherapy to improve clinical outcomes for patients with cancer.

» Find out more: A triumph for collaboration in radiotherapy research (NCRI webpage)

Now published: CTRad review of molecular radiotherapy research in the UK

CTRad has published its review of molecular radiotherapy (MRT) research in the UK. MRT has considerable potential to benefit patients, and could provide further scope for improved patient outcomes, however research in MRT has lagged behind that of other cancer therapies. To help assess the needs and opportunities in UK MRT research, CTRad consulted with the UK MRT community to ascertain the range of research activity and the barriers preventing progress. The feedback identified opportunities for improvement as well as a number of barriers and challenges. This report identifies three strategic priorities and provides a number of recommendations for each that will promote progress in MRT research.
» CTRad: identifying opportunities to promote progress in molecular radiotherapy research in the UK, June 2016 (PDF) (NCRI webpage)